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A Sketch of The Life and Character of Mrs. Emelie Royce Bradley

Ten Years a Missionary in Siam

by Nancy Royce

Published by the
American Tract Society,
150 Nassau-Street, New York,

circa 1856

I. Childhood and Early Years.
Her birthplace – Natural character – Early religious exercises – Hopeful conversion – Statement of a friend – Two years as a teacher in Manlius

II. Call to a Missionary Life.
Her interest early awakened – Consecration to this work – Mental exercises concerning it – Engagement to go to Siam – Journey to New England – Catskill mountains – Social character – Feelings in view of leaving America – Preparations – Marriage

III. Voyage to Singapore.
Sails from Boston July’2, 1834 – Her companions – Missionaries to Burmah – Scenes on the voyage – Employments – Religious exercises – Hopeful conversions on board – Magellanic clouds – Arrival at Amherst, in Burmah – Three days at Maulmain – Native funeral – Arrival at Penang – And at Singapore Jan. 18, 1835

IV. Six Months at Singapore, January to July, 1835.
A mission family – Death of Mrs. Dean, and care of her infant daughter – Variety of religions – Study of Siamese – Chinese funeral, and school – Voyage to Bangkok, Siam, July 18, 1838

V. First Six Months in Siam, July to December 1835.
Domestic cares – Studies – Letter to Graham Association – Medical visits to the king, and others – She assumes the care of several native girls – Prepares a dictionary, and other works in Siamese – A missionary meeting

VI. Missionary Life in Siam, 1836, 1837.
Routine of a day – Letter inviting a young lady to join the mission – Visit to a watt – Siamese inquirers – Labors in the dispensary – Visit to a royal family

VII. Missionary Life in Siam, 1838, 1839.
Disappointed hopes – Training of her daughter – English and Siamese dictionary – Gracious support under failing strength

VIII. Missionary Life in Siam – Suggestions for Missionaries, 1840 -1843.
Excursion, and restoration of strength – Death of a Siamese pupil – Siamese curiosities – “Thy will be done” – Revenge of the small-pox, and death of her daughter Harriet – Last entry in her journal – Letters to a younger brother on the choice of a missionary life – Suggestions for missionaries

IX. The Bank of the Jordan, 1844, 1845.
The Melodean too late – Birth of her son – Adventure with a boa constrictor – Death of Miss Pierce – Mrs. Bradley’s last letter to her mother – Perseverance in labor – Counsels to Children, natives, etc. – Peaceful departure – The memory of the righteous blessed

X. Concluding Sketch.
Her personal appearance – Love of truth – Buoyancy of spirit – No looking back – A poetical tribute

Reproduced from: A Sketch of The Life and Character of Mrs. Emelie Royce Bradley, Ten Years a Missionary in Siam by Nancy Royce c.1865. Please notify any transcription inaccuracies to DigitalBangkokRecorder