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Bangkok Recorder Now Online

This project has now been in progress (on and off) for four years during which time I’ve moved home four times across two continents, changed job multiple times and learned to play two more musical instruments (albeit not very well). It’s no wonder it’s taken so long to reach this first big milestone.

Bangkok Recorder July 1844 Front Page However, that milestone has been reached and the first editions of the 1844 Bangkok Recorder are now online, starting with July to October 1844.

The remaining editions will follow soon. They’re nearly ready, just needing a few tweaks before upload, and should be online by the end of this month.

All 1844-45 editions are now online.

The 1844-45 editions are just 56 pages in total but the next challenge — the 1865-67 editions — will be the considerably larger at 520 pages. And there’s more than twice that in the Siam Times! All these are scanned and waiting to be processed but I’ll need to develop a set of tools for online collaboration to get that done.

Anyway, while waiting for the next updates, just start reading…