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The Life and Character of Emelie Royce Bradley

A biography of Emelie Royce Bradley (1811-1845), the first wife of Dr Dan Beach Bradley and originally published circa 1856 by the American Tract Society, New York.

This document is a digital reproduction of an undated, typed manuscript held at the Neilson Hays Library, Bangkok — a copy of A Sketch of The Life and Character of Mrs. Emelie Royce Bradley by Nancy Royce, an aunt of Emelie Royce Bradley.

The text of this document has been reproduced as faithfully as possible including the original spellings, and what are likely to be a few typing errors. It’s a long text, originally 103 pages, and is split by chapter to make it easier to read online.


I. Childhood and Early Years.
Her birthplace – Natural character – Early religious exercises – Hopeful conversion – Statement of a friend – Two years as a teacher in Manlius

II. Call to a Missionary Life.
Her interest early awakened – Consecration to this work – Mental exercises concerning it – Engagement to go to Siam – Journey to New England – Catskill mountains – Social character – Feelings in view of leaving America – Preparations – Marriage

III. Voyage to Singapore.
Sails from Boston July’2, 1834 – Her companions – Missionaries to Burmah – Scenes on the voyage – Employments – Religious exercises – Hopeful conversions on board – Magellanic clouds – Arrival at Amherst, in Burmah – Three days at Maulmain – Native funeral – Arrival at Penang – And at Singapore Jan. 18, 1835

IV. Six Months at Singapore, January to July, 1835.
A mission family – Death of Mrs. Dean, and care of her infant daughter – Variety of religions – Study of Siamese – Chinese funeral, and school – Voyage to Bangkok, Siam, July 18, 1838

V. First Six Months in Siam, July to December 1835.
Domestic cares – Studies – Letter to Graham Association – Medical visits to the king, and others – She assumes the care of several native girls – Prepares a dictionary, and other works in Siamese – A missionary meeting

VI. Missionary Life in Siam, 1836, 1837.
Routine of a day – Letter inviting a young lady to join the mission – Visit to a watt – Siamese inquirers – Labors in the dispensary – Visit to a royal family

VII. Missionary Life in Siam, 1838, 1839.
Disappointed hopes – Training of her daughter – English and Siamese dictionary – Gracious support under failing strength

VIII. Missionary Life in Siam – Suggestions for Missionaries, 1840 -1843.
Excursion, and restoration of strength – Death of a Siamese pupil – Siamese curiosities – “Thy will be done” – Revenge of the small-pox, and death of her daughter Harriet – Last entry in her journal – Letters to a younger brother on the choice of a missionary life – Suggestions for missionaries

IX. The Bank of the Jordan, 1844, 1845.
The Melodean too late – Birth of her son – Adventure with a boa constrictor – Death of Miss Pierce – Mrs. Bradley’s last letter to her mother – Perseverance in labor – Counsels to Children, natives, etc. – Peaceful departure – The memory of the righteous blessed

X. Concluding Sketch.
Her personal appearance – Love of truth – Buoyancy of spirit – No looking back – A poetical tribute